Staffing Augmentation

Quiline offers IT staff augmentation services to help companies with specific IT infrastructure projects and to also provide additional coverage and depth during peak times. We work as part of your team and augment the internal capabilities without impacting your internal IT staff.

We view this work as a true collaborative effort and our focus is always to accomplish our goals together. We take pride in documenting our processes, so that at the end of any augmentation engagement, your internal IT staff can support and maintain any infrastructure improvements.

We have a wide-array of experience in different kinds of environments. We have both Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and VMWare Certified Professionals on staff. This combination allows us to quickly respond to any staffing needs.

There are several major benefits to our approach. First, we identify the right resource for the engagement. Second, we plan and complete the project with a focus on results, deliverables, documentation and paybacks to ensure that the client is nothing short of delighted with our service. Finally, through our proven processes, our clients are able to gain in-house expertise through this collaborative process.