Package Services

Quiline Management – Devices can be added and/or removed from the customer’s infrastructure. Additionally the QIs can be remotely deactivated.

Group Classification - The administrator can create different groups, reflecting how you want to customize your security. Each QI can be attributed to one or more group(s) so as to ensure effective way of sharing documents.

Block/Alert Messaging - The administrator can set up policies where he or she has a choice to be notified and/or block certain (or all) QI devices that shall perform operations against a policy.

Geographic Location – The administrator can limit the geographical usage of the devices. This means he or she can decide to exclude and/or block the use of the devices in certain countries or regions or on the other hand, can limit their use to only certain countries, regions and buildings.

Hierarchical Structure – The administrator can organize QIs according to a hierarchy in such a way that the head of a department can access any file that has been encrypted with a QI registered under that specific department.

File Audit Trial - An audit trial is available for each encrypted file which helps the company in finding out when a file is leaked or is accessed by someone. The audit trail can be printed or downloaded as PDF.

Massive Decryption Prevention – The administrator can set up policies that prevent certain users within the company from massively decrypting files.

Business Statistics – A graphic representation of various metrics, involving real time data mining and behavioral analysis, is available to the administrator.