MaaS & Mobile Custom App Dev

We are happy to offer our new services for iPhone, iPad, and IPod application development services and mobile optimized website design and development services for such platforms as: apple, android, blackberry, and windows mobile.

These are all custom IPhone application development services. We will take all your requirements into consideration and build the application you need. This service is relatively new, but we have previous expertise in all the underlying technologies iPhone apps are using. You can check our test application here. Support for: iPhone, iPad, iPod.

This Service Includes:

  • Application Graphic Design
  • Application Development
  • Testing and Deployment

MaaS (Mobile as a Service)

Quiline Anti-Virus Mobile as a Service is a solution that enables mobile operators and other service providers to extend the range of services available to their customers by offering subscription to Quiline Anti-Virus Mobile, a leading product that protects smartphones from IT threats.

The growing popularity of smartphones and communicators has resulted in the evolution of viruses, worms and Trojans targeted beyond the domain of personal computers. Today, an increasing number of malicious programs target mobile devices.

Quiline Anti-Virus Mobile as a Service offers:

An additional source of revenue - Offering an additional service such as antivirus protection opens up an additional source of revenue. Purchasing a product based on the subscription model is in many ways more convenient for users and therefore makes it possible to attract and retain more customers.
Long-Term Revenue - The cost of extending services are made minimal so as to make sure Quiline Lab Partners will receive a stable income for extended periods of time. Even if a user chooses to discontinue the services, the program will still continue to work though it is not up to date; this feature might actually stop customers from uninstalling and even renew their subscription eventually.