Legacy Transformation

Legacy applications continue to drive day-to-day business processes in many companies. Yet while they may be key to operations, legacy applications also create maintenance and integration-related challenges that can devour resources and shrinking IT budgets.

Furthermore, legacy applications inhibit the development and integration of new solutions and technologies that enable responsiveness to business change.

With Quiline Legacy Trasnformation services, you can redynamise your legacy application portfolio and exploit its full value while allowing you to use the savings to your true business needs.


  • Helps unlock the business value of legacy applications
  • Addresses legacy-related challenges with comprehensive services from a single source
  • Positions your IT environment for new initiatives such as e-business on demand
  • Returns funding to the business through more efficient maintenance and operation of legacy applications


Quiline Legacy Transformation Services can deliver real business value in terms of decreased costs of operation for maintenance and support, and rapid enablement of new application solutions that integrate into your application portfolio. Our world-class business and IT consulting experts can work closely with your company to evaluate your legacy portfolio and help you identify the areas most likely to benefit from these services.