Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT departments are faced with the challenge of having to lower overall IT costs, while simultaneously being tasked with rolling out the new applications and services required to support the needs of their business. A key bottleneck in slowing down progress against these goals is the time and expense required to maintain legacy, on-premise IT infrastructure. A typical Enterprise IT department spends approximately 80% of their resources maintaining existing infrastructure, leaving little time to invest in the new IT projects that the business demands to drive innovation.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Provides a New Approach

Cloud Computing replaces on-premise infrastructure equipment with low-cost and elastic IT infrastructure services delivered over the Internet. This new model allows IT organizations to reduce costs and increase agility by taking advantage of on-demand resources that require no up-front capital investment and can instantly scale from small test environments to large multi-million user production systems.

Enterprise Cloud Computing combines the agility of the Cloud Computing model with the rich set of security and quality-of-service capabilities that enterprise IT organizations require for the development and delivery of their applications.