About Us

Our History

Quiline Software Solutions is a provider of Information Technology Control, Implementation and Consulting Services. Today, we could create a niche for ourselves as innovators in systems integration with a number of projects to our credit. We have over sixty highly qualified consultants who form the back bone in ensuring to deliver our best product to our clients. With our constant efforts to assist clients in controlling costs, improving service, focusing on key business areas etc. we leave no stone unturned to live up to our guiding principle “ quality without compromise”. We incorporate extensive Re-engineering capabilities, applications knowledge and keen analytical skills to carry on complex multi-site and multi-vendor operations.

There lies a strategic relationship between the evolution of corporate strategies and the technological means to implement them. In a quest to be more competitive, the corporations are persistently adapting themselves to a more open, responsive and agile ways of conducting business. In many instances this leads a company to form alliances and be co-operative with other companies so as to be up to date with the ever-changing market place. Quiline serves the critical need of creating and installing intensely specific software programs with expertise that is usually not available in many organizations. Quiline also serves the purpose of optimizing the client’s go-to-market process i.e., helping the vendors to identify, attract and maintain the right customers and business partners.


Established in 1998, Quiline Software Solutions Inc. is one of the fastest growing Information Technology companies in the US with an enviable client list that includes Fortune 100 companies and Government clients. We at Quiline are fortunate to see a 100% growth in terms of resources and revenues since its inception. The two major reasons for the growth being:

  • Repetitive business from existing customers and
  • Employee retention.

Quiline’s major focus is in providing Process Oriented Software Development and Support, Software Manpower Consulting, Packaged Product Implementation, Product Development, Database Administration and Systems Integration. We spend considerable amount of our revenue and resources to train our people and refine our processes in order to cater to the requirements of our customers always.

Quiline Mission

“To expand our Information Technology services to the full spectrum of our client needs, while presenting an efficient means of business and improving their profitability”

Quiline Objectives

Quiline is an IT solution organization. We focus in providing systems solutions and skilled professionals to clients in the areas of Information Technology and Management.


At Quiline, We provide e-commerce management and technology consulting services that help companies build successful e-commerce businesses. We can offer our assistance in the buy side; sell side, electronic market place and vertical industry portal ventures. Putting into practice a methodology developed by Quiline to aid building successful business-to-consumer e-commerce ventures, our experienced e-commerce consultants deliver management and technology consulting services with efficiency.
Range computers, an e-commerce centre, is our sister company located in Hyderabad (India). We train over 75 professionals extensively every year to make them versatile e-commerce consultants. The training includes six to eight months of rigorous classroom training, computer and video based exercises, extensive hands-on sessions, real life case studies and assignments that will prepare Quiline consultants to face the challenges of the e-commerce world.

Our Services Include:

  • Business Planning and Development
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Needs Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Design
  • Technical Development
  • Operations Planning
  • Online Marketing Planning
  • E-commerce Training


Business Unit one: SIEBEL, SAP

Siebel Systems Inc. is the world’ leading supplier of Front office systems for organizations focused on increasing sales, marketing and customer service effectiveness in field sales, service organizations, telesales, telemarketing, call centers and third-party resellers. Siebel Systems Inc. constantly strives to provide software that is a combination of standard-based open architecture and emerging technologies that enable exceptional scalability, configurability, functionality and performance.
Visit www.siebel.com for more information.
Quiline Software Solutions has decided to exhibit its potential after SAP’s overwhelming success with its client/ server based R/3 business applications software. We instigated vast resources, necessary tools and hardware towards the SAP R/3 software platform as a result. We further work with SAP America and Several other SAP authorized users.
Quiline Software Solutions offers services and support with the help of dedicated experts who have extensive industry background and advanced degrees in areas such as engineering, computer science, accounting, management and manufacturing. Our employees have experience in developing and using MRP II based client/ server applications, BAAN, People Soft, JD Edwards, Oracle in addition to SAP R/3 implementation.

Business Unit Two: Contracting

The specialists and professionals from Quiline will make you minimize rise and streamline operations by assisting with the staffing of major projects and completion of the lagging work. Quiline can provide experts with the requisite academic training and technical experience on a very short notice, saving you the time and cost of screening and evaluating candidates.
At Quiline, we believe in quality approach towards all our projects. We hire, encourage and retain the best always. We work in close terms with our consultants to place them in a career that suits them the most and train them accordingly. We have experience in various industries including but not limited to Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Healthcare, Benefits administration, merchandising, federal government projects and financial services.

Business Unit Three: Integration and Application Migration

Our Quiline professionals have extensive knowledge and are extremely experienced in designing robust, cost-effective solutions. Our qualified consultants will devise your hardware and software infrastructure from the grass root level and also provide extra assistance in specific areas that require more attention.

Our Goal

We at Quiline ensure to live up to our guiding principle “quality without compromise” at all times. We were successful in serving our customers according to their needs and requirements, as a result of which our customers continuously approach Quiline for practical yet ingenious software solutions. We are characterized by our ability to develop multidisciplinary solutions and provide effective services to all our clients. Our world class client service teams combine insight, business knowledge and industry expertise to assist our clients in achieving their goals irrespective of where they operate from.
At Quiline, we mastered the art of balancing between flexibility and productivity. The advantage of hiring Quiline for your contract services includes attaining the right balance in the areas like speed, cost and flexibility. Our consultants who are well versed in a variety of functional areas and proficient in developing sustainable solutions are sure to take care of the whole project inside out. Our regularly updated roster will make sure our consultants are available 24/7 to be at your service.

The Bottom Line

Quiline always wants to provide you with the best of our services. From supplying the necessary tools to cost effectively manage the infrastructure necessities; we are your one stop solution. We are not only here to help you but also to work with you in order to build a long lasting partnership.