SOA and Web Development

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software architecture where functionality is grouped with an approach to implement business processes as a set of predefined services. SOA promotes the ‘business-technology’ architecture and facilitates business agility by improving end-to-end process visibility, security and control. Creation of such defined processes and strategies through a common platform of Enterprise wide Service Orientation and Web Services Implementation is an added advantage. The protocols defined by IT through an SOA approach will ensure that policies, practices and frameworks will be uniform across the multiple lines of business. These open standards allow the business community to control the lines of business and promote reusable services.

Emerging accelerators for Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) are the performing web and E-business services solutions. The new era architectural frameworks leverage the flexibility and the spread of IT infrastructure in enterprises. E-business solutions essentially need to have the ability to productively maximize delivery performance to a extremely varied number of users. The primary focus being the cost reduction, developing capacity into the existing infrastructure is not a logical pick. It is at this point where SVS Global Softech brings about the necessary capacities to fulfill the criteria. SVS Global Softech’s prime objective is to provide highly manageable services which are cost effective.

SOA WEB Services Offered by SVS Global Softech:

  • Consulting & Architecting SOA – building services by reusing functionality by extracting it into services
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI) with Service Oriented Integration
  • SOA-based engineering and maintenance services
  • Enterprise Web Services Management
  • Additional Cost-effective web integration of application services in comparison with conventional EAI solutions
  • Enabling cross-enterprise business processes